University of Texas, Dallas (01/2014 – 12/2015)


I worked as a research assistant at Wallace group for two years. I was very excited to be a part of the group, as it was just a few years after Geim and Novoselov won the Nobel Physics Prize in 2010 over the first ever mechaical exfoliation of monolayer graphene, and properties of graphene were being rapidly explored.

I had the opportunity to work on many exciting projects: growing graphene in CVD (chemical vapor deposition) chambers; transfering them onto various substrates for device applications; characterizing samples with Raman spectroscopy, in-situ XPS (X-ray photoelectron Spectroscopy), SEM (scanning electron microscopy), AFM (atomic force microscopy, STM (scanning tunneling microscopy), etc. I also worked on a few projects involving TMDs (transtion metal dichalcogenides) and black phosphorus, to study there surface structure and electrical properties.



Rafik Addou, Diego Barrera, Stephen McDonnell, Angelica Azcatl, Zeyan Xu, Julia W. P. Hsu, Luigi Colombo, Robert. M. Wallace. “Conductivity Variation and Reactivity in MoS2 crystals”. Notre Dame Center for Low Energy Systems Technology (LEAST) Annual Review. 08/2015                                                                                                                                       Zeyan Xu, Angelica Azcatl, Stephen McDonnell, Robert M. Wallace. “Fabrication and Characterization of CVD Graphene”. UTD Undergraduate Research Poster Contest. 04/2015



UT Dallas Undergraduate Research Scholar Award

Residue Free Graphene with Ultra-Thin Gate Oxide Achieved by Oxide-First Growth  10/2015

Fabrication and Characterization of CVD Graphene  10/2014


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