Women’s March, San Francisco, 01/21/17

01/21/2017 will be a historic day, as women (and men) marching on the streets of hundreds of cities across the globe, demanding equal rights for women. I am fortunate enough to be living in SF, where one of the Marches was held, and experience the force of united women.

It was a cold and rainy day, but it could not stop us from marching. Moreover, when the crowd of hundreds of thousand people are united for the same cause, the warmth I felt in my heart was more than enough to warm my physical body. This was the first time for me to participate in such large scale protest. Though I was not sure what to expect before arriving, I became agitated and excited immediately upon arrival at the civic center. People had all kinds of posters held up, such as “pussy grabs back”, “make America think again”, “Women’s rights are human rights”, “love trumps hate”. People were smiling, talking to one another, because we were proud to be united and fighting for what we deserve.

It was particularly comforting and reassuring that many men showed up too. Many were with their family: wife and daughters, there were also just crowds of young men who proudly declared that they were feminists, and wanted to make sure that their voices were heard. I never realized how men could be so attractive by fighting for the rights of women along our side until then. During the march, it was so empowering for me personally when the men chanted “her body, her choice”, and the women follow with “my body, my choice”. Though I was never a victim of sexual abuse, it was great knowing that there are men out there that respect women’s rights and bodies, especially in the Trump era.

As the physically weaker and smaller group of the society, women have always been treated unequally and under attack, visibly and invisibly. But times are changing and we are more than capable of doing what men can do, and maybe even better sometimes. It is about time that we are treated equally within the society.

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