My Aspirations In A Nutshell

I am a learner. I crave knowledge as it is my measurement of personal growth. Knowledge comes in all variations of forms, and can be gained from everything that we see and do, everyone that we interact with. Just as Confucious once said: 三人行,必有我师. (Out of any three people out there, I am sure at least one of them can teach me knowledge of some sort.)

I am an observer and a thinker. I am a follower of Chinese philosophy, and am particularly inspired by one of the core values of 中庸 (zhong yong): 格物致知, meaning keep observing and thinking about something until you fully understand. I try to practice this with things I encounter in everyday life, to understand how people and things work.

I am a do-er. Without any action, all the thinking and learning will stay ideas in a head or on a sheet of paper. In order to make an impact to the world, it is important to work on projects hands-on and learn how things work with real life operations. And that is why I have been actively doing experiments that trigger my curiosity.

Adding up the learner, observer, thinker, and do-er yields an aspiring scientist. As a scientist, I pursue knowledge, and on a deeper level, the universal truths. Doing science and learning about philosophy enable me to eventually grow into someone who can make positive impact on the society, and that will fulfill my purpose as a human being. 

(Written on Sep 24, 2016 at 11:58 PM, in San Francisco, CA)

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