On Bosons and Conformity

This is just some connection I drew when I was taking my Quantum mechanics class in college. It’s fascinating to see how different parts of nature behave alike.

A brief introduction on boson: there are two types of particles, bosons and fermions. Bosons have integer spin while fermions have half interger spin. More interestingly, fermions, such as electrons, obey the Pauli exclusion principle. When they fill in empty orbits inside of an atom, only two of them fit in one state, and they are paired one spin up one spin down. On the other hand, bosons do not follow this rule, and the way they choose to find a state to live in is to look for the existing states with the largest number of bosons and join them. This is the basis of Bose-Einstein Condensate, how many bosons bundle up in ultra low temperatures environment and that the bulk can exhibit macroscopic quantum mechanical behaviors.

This reminded me of the psychological term “conformity”. People tend to do things other people do in order to fit in, and that’s why human beings like to live in a community, no one wants to be alone. And this, to me is very similar to how one boson would choose a quantum state with many bosons already, instead of being in a state all by himself. Isn’t it mind blowing to learn that human behavior can also be found in quantum mechanical, subatomic particles?

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