The Time Independence of Logic (Blog Introduction)

I have given much thought on the concept of time independence. In other words, what does not change with time, if any?

At first I believed scientific laws were the only things that stay true over time. That is why I pursued a Bachelors in Physics, to discover the truthfulness and beauty of physical laws. I learned how laws such as kinematics and relativity describe the physical reality regardless of which century the experiments were performed. This part about science is true, however, another dominating aspect of science is that it is ever evolving. New concepts of science appear all the time, and it requires us to quickly adapt, just like physicist Werner Heisenberg said in his book Science and Philosophy: “(A scientist) should always be prepared to have the foundations of his knowledge changed by new experience.” That is, the more scientific discoveries people make, the more likely they will change the way we see the world, and the laws we know right now may not stay valid then.

Philosophy, on the other hand, is not governed by rigid mathematical formulas and may seem trivial sometimes. However, good philosophy last a long time. Ideas of ancient philosophers such as Archimedes and Lao Zi are still inspiring in the modern world, and they have stayed valid over millennials. However, this is not to say philosophy is truly time independent, the subjective nature of philosophy makes it fundamentally time dependent.

I started a quest to search for a root where science and philosophy becomes one, and along the way I encountered logic. Logic evolved into philosophy in the early days, philosophers then questioned the constituents and the existence of matter of the world we live in, and science was born. In my opinion, science and philosophy are two routes to the discovery of the ultimate truth. Although they may not appear alike at first impression, they are simply variations of logic in disguise. To examine and understand logic, one needs to truly grasp the gist of both science and philosophy.

This blog will be my personal journey of the quest of understanding logic. I will be writing about my opinions on scientific discoveries and philosophic articles I encounter. The name of the Blog: The Logical Offering, is an analog of J.S. Bach’s The Musical Offering. It aims for my best effort towards understanding logic.


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